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  Target name: Hyena
Shoulder Height: +/-800mm
Weight: +/- 19kg
  Name of target: Walking Leopard
Shoulder height: +/- 620mm
Weight: +/- 16 kg
  Target name: Sitting Leopard
Head Height: +/-750mm
  Target name: Impala Ram (male)
Shoulder height: +/- 820mm
Weight: +/- 17,5kg
  Target name: Sitting Warthog (Male)
Head Height: +/-780mm
Weight: +/-14kg
  Target name: Monkey
Shoulder height +/- 350mm
Weight: +/-4,4kg
  Target name: Fox
Shoulder Height:+/- 310mm
Weight:+/- 3,8kg
  Target name: White Blesbuck
Shoulder height: +/- 1040mm
Weight: +/- 21kg
  Name of target: Sitting Panther
Head height: +/- 750mm
Weight: +/-11kg
  Target name: Gemsbuck
Shoulder height: +/- 1200mm
Weight: +/- 41kg
  Target name: Black Wildebeest
Shoulder Height: +/- 1050mm
  Target name: Blue Wildebeest
Shoulder Height: +/-1160mm
  Target name: Red Hartebeest
Shoulder height:+/-1200mm
  Name of target: Blesbuck
Shoulder height: +/- 1040mm
Weight: +/-21kg
  Target name: Springbuck
Shoulder Height: +/-700mm
Weight: +/-10kg
  Target name: Duiker
Shoulder height: +/- 245mm
Weight: +/-3,5kg
  Target name: Lioness
Shoulder Height: +/-580mm
  Target name: Patriot (small Gem)
Measurements: +/- 360mmx360mmx360mm
Weight: +/- 5,1kg
  Name of target: African Gem
Measurements: +/-500mmx500mmx500mm
Weight: +/- 9,5kg
  Target name: A3D Block
  Target name: Rabbit
Height: +/- 470mm
Weight: +/- 2,5kg
  Target name: Rock Rabbit
Height: +/- 470mm
Weight: +/- 3,7kg
  Target name: Standing Warthog
Shoulder height: +/- 650mm
Weight: +/- 14,2kg
  Target name: Duck
Height: +/- 510mm
Weight: +/- 4,2kg
  Target name: Walking Panther
Shoulder height: +/- 620mm
Weight: +/- 16kg
  Target name: Bushpig
Shoulder height: +/- 700mm
Weight: +/- 18kg
  Target name: Black Impala Ram
Shoulder height: +/- 820mm
Weight: +/- 17,5kg
  Target name: A3D Kulula Target
(Superior in Swahili)
Height: +/- 930mm
Width: +/- 800mm
  Target name: Build-A-Butt
Single: 470mmx470mmx210mm
Add as many as you want to make your own size butt.
9 Blocks: 1410mmx1410mmx210mm
  Target name: Javelina
Size: 780mm x 520mm
Weight: +/- 9kg
  Target name: Brown Standing Warthog
Size: +/- 650mm
Weight: +/- 14,2kg
  Target name: Seal
Head height: +/- 600mm
Length: +/- 1500m
  Target name: Zebra
Shoulder height: 1400mm
  Target name: Beaver
Height: +/-380mm
Weight: +/- 6kg
  Target name: Black Bushpig
Height: +/- 700mm
Weight: +/- 18kg